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TravaCalm Ginger

TravaCalm Ginger reduces symptoms of travel sickness, including nausea. It is a non-drowsy formula containing ginger, with no added sugar, lactose, yeast, starch and artificial flavouring.

Suitable for adults and children 6 years and over.


Take 30 minutes before departure.

  • Adults: First dose 2 or 3 tablets. Then 1 tablet every 2 hours as required.
  • Children 6-12 years: First dose 1 tablet. Then 1 tablet every 4 hours as required.
  • Children under 6 years: As professionally directed.

Active Ingredient per tablet:

  • Zingiber officinale root extract dry conc. 10 mg equiv. to root dry 100 mg
  • Zingiber officinale dry root powder 400 mg

No added sugar, lactose, yeast, starch or artificial flavouring.

  • No Added Sugar
  • Lactose Free
  • Yeast Free
  • Starch Free
  • No Artificial Flavours

Q. When should I take TravaCalm Ginger for motion sickness?
A. Take the first dose 30 minutes before departure to reduce symptoms of motion sickness, including nausea.
If you suffer from motion sickness, or think that you may experience motion sickness, it’s best to take TravaCalm Ginger before you travel, that is, before you experience any symptoms of motion sickness.


Q. Can TravaCalm Ginger be used by children?
A. TravaCalm Ginger can be given to children 6 years of age and older.


Q. Can TravaCalm Ginger cause drowsiness?
A. TravaCalm Ginger is a non-drowsy formula.