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The 5 best apps that will help you discover Australia

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Apps are so advanced, so helpful, and so prevalent that it’s hard to remember a time when phones never used to have them at all. These days, there really is an app for everything.

From apps to help with motion sickness to apps that help you track down free local WiFi, there’s everything you need for a successful holiday.

Here are our five favourite apps that can help you get the most out of discovering Australia.

1. KineStop

KineStop is an app that allows you (or the kids) to e-read or watch movies during road trips without feeling the effects of motion sickness that would usually make these activities impossible.

Usually, motion sickness is caused by mixed messages going to the brain – the body says you are in motion, while the eyes say you are sitting still. This app rectifies the issue by simulating a horizon within the app.

Additionally, you can pack TravaCalm, a motion sickness medicine that you can take shortly before a road trip to avoid carsickness whether you’re reading, watching movies, or simply enjoying the view.



2. TripCase

The TripCase app is a travel organiser app that helps you stay on top of all your bookings, from flights and hotels to attraction, car rental, and restaurant bookings.

It keeps everything in one place, and you can even sign up to receive notifications for events such as flight changes. You can also share the trip with others – either those in your travelling party or interested friends or family at home, and get directions within the app to destinations.

3. PocketGuide

The PocketGuide app works all over the world – and in Australia – as a local guide right there on your phone.

Instead of needing a physical local guide to show you around, tell you about the history, and introduce you to the best coffee shops and ice cream spots, you can use the digital version. Each guide has been tested by the app’s team to ensure high-quality professional tours, and you can download tours ahead of time then view them offline so you don’t have to use your data.



4. Beachsafe

No trip around Australia is complete without visiting some of the phenomenal beaches dotted all over the country. But it’s also important to stay safe while doing so.

Beachsafe is an app developed by Surf Life Saving Australia to help travellers (and locals) enjoy our spectacular shorelines as safely as possible. It is available on iPhones and Android, and will help you find the nearest beaches, including up-to-date information about tides, swells, hazards, facilities, and the patrol status.

5. WiFi Map

Travel can put a big strain on your mobile phone data usage as you load maps, research local restaurants, and upload photos and videos to your social media. That’s why free WiFi becomes a valuable resource when you’re on the go.

WiFi Map is an app that points you to all your nearest free WiFi locations, like cafes, stores, and public spaces. It makes it easy to log on and find what you need before continuing on with your trip.

There’s more to getting ready for travel than just packing a bag – don’t forget these apps that will help you make the most of your Australian tour, or your TravaCalm!