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How to make road trips with kids as fun as the destination

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There’s no greater feeling than going on a road trip – unless, of course, you’re worried about your kids’ travel sickness, or your own. Here are five fantastic tips that will help you enjoy the drive, beat travel sickness, and make the road trip as much fun as the destination when you have kids in tow.

1. Plan your stops before you drive

Half the fun of a road trip is breaking up the drive with stops along the way to discover your surroundings, enjoy a few treats, and stretch the legs. While it can add a few hours to the trip, it will also make the drive considerably more enjoyable.

The trick is not to wing it, or at least, not wing it completely.

Before you set out, research the best areas to stop for short walks, sight-seeing, snacks, and toilet breaks. You can also mark out a few petrol stations along the way so you know when you’ll be able to fill up. Even if you don’t stop at every point, you’ll know what you can look forward to, and you’ll be able to promise the kids an ice cream for good behaviour.



2. Be savvy about your driving time

Whether you’re worried about how the kids will manage a long drive, or simply want to skip the traffic, leaving at an irregular time of day can make all the difference.

One option is to pack up the car before bed, shuffle sleepy kids into the backseat in the small hours of the morning, then hit the road. This allows you to get a solid several hours on the road before they wake up, making the trip much shorter for them, and much calmer for you.

Alternatively, you can leave very late at night. Provided you are not too tired to drive, this offers the same benefits of sleeping children and empty roads.

3. Use TravaCalm to help with carsickness in kids

Motion sickness affects as much as 30 per cent of Australians, with 5 per cent experiencing awful symptoms, according to NPS MedicineWise. Symptoms are most common in children, especially those aged 10-12 years, but can occur at any age.

Dealing with carsickness can take away the joy of a road trip, making the sufferer dread the drive, feel unwell the whole way, and battle a queasy feeling for an hour or two after arrival to boot.

Products like the TravaCalm Travel Band and TravaCalm Original can make a world of difference. These products prevent the sickness from occurring, helping both you and the kids to enjoy the drive (and the snacks along the way!).



4. Bring snacks and drinks

There’s something about road trips that make you peckish, so it’s always a good idea to have a few pre-packed snacks and drinks ready to go.

By packing ahead of time, you can ensure there is a good mix of healthier snacks like fruit or sandwiches, as well as a treat or two.

This can help you save costs by not buying everything at convenience stores along the way, and will also ensure you don’t have to wait for the next stop if the kids are screaming of thirst now.

5. Ask the kids to prepare a playlist

Great music always passes the time, and having something playing can even be a deterrent to backseat arguments.

Asking the kids to prepare a playlist will help them look forward to the drive, and make them feel important and heard along the way. You don’t have to play the list the entire way, and you can always add a few of your own favourites into the mix if you’re not sure how much ‘kids tunes’ you can handle.

With these tips and TravaCalm products to prevent kids travel sickness, as well as your own, the drive can be just as much fun as the destination.